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"It is very common for Lindy to instruct all day, and counsel participants until midnight. Because of her tireless compassion for law enforcement officers, she is accepted as “one of the guys.”                                                                                               

Major Tim Rutledge (Retired)   Mississippi Law Enforcement Peer Support Team, President

As an educator, Lindy Williamson has trained communities, hospitals, mental health agencies, emergency services, military, schools, businesses, churches and service organizations.

She regularly teaches several Critical Incident Stress Management Classes as an approved instructor with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and is in demand as a keynote speaker and panelist at national symposiums and conferences serving the needs of mental health agencies and emergency services on the state, regional and national level

As a Certified Professional Coach, Lindy specializes in Trauma Recovery and Empowerment clients through life changes. She also assists businesses to increase employee effectiveness and production.

Lindy served as consultant and trainer for the National Veterans Foundation which maintains a national toll free Hotline for Veterans and their families from 2007-2011.

As a crisis response provider for Employee Assistance Organizations, she provides a calm and grounded response to both employees and businesses seeking guidance during times of workplace turbulence.

Lindy  volunteered or worked with the staff of the 2-11 Hotline in Charleston, SC for over 10 years.   The 2-1-1 Hotline is accredited by the American Association of Suicidolgy and answers calls for the State of South Carolina for both 1-800-SUICIDE and for 1-800-273-TALK (The National Suicide Prevention Hotline).

Deployed to several major disasters, including the World Trade Center, the Asian Tsunami, and several hurricanes, including Katrina, Lindy has worked with Green Cross, CISM Teams, the Red Cross and FEMA to provide assistance for both first responders and victims.

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